Celebrating St. Augustine’s Year 6 Leavers: Preserving Precious Memories


As the academic year comes to a close, we embark on an exciting new adventure. This year, we had the privilege of extending our services to an additional primary school in Darlington, celebrating the year 6 leavers at St. Augustine’s. Join us as we recount the heartwarming journey of capturing cherished moments and commemorating this significant milestone.

Welcoming St. Augustine’s:

With great enthusiasm, we embraced the opportunity to work with St. Augustine’s Primary School, a new addition to our roster of cherished clients. Just like at our previous school, our mission was to create an unforgettable and enjoyable photo session for the year 6 students, ensuring that their special moments were captured in all their joyous splendor.

Preserving Precious Memories:

At St. Augustine’s, we set out to preserve the precious memories of the year 6 leavers’ final days at primary school. The fun-filled photo session provided the perfect backdrop for the students to pose with their friends, cherishing the bonds they have formed throughout their school journey. Our aim was to create lasting mementos that would stand as a testament to the friendships and experiences they shared during their time at the school.

The “Leavers Book” Tradition Continues:

Following the photo session, we thoughtfully curated the images, blending them with additional snapshots of the students’ everyday activities thoughtfully provided by the school. These heartfelt memories were then transformed into individualised “Leavers Books” for each student, offering a tangible keepsake they can hold close to their hearts as they embark on new adventures.

A Touching Slideshow:

In addition to the “Leavers Books,” we also crafted a touching slideshow featuring the delightful moments captured during the photo session. This heartwarming presentation is a poignant tribute to the students’ growth and achievements throughout their primary school years.

Sharing the Memories with Generosity:

As part of our commitment to giving back, we made the touching slideshow available for free download from our online shop. Our goal is to provide each family with a digital copy of these cherished moments, allowing them to relive the joy and excitement of this significant milestone whenever they wish.

Visit Our Online Shop:

For families who desire physical copies of the photos, we offer them for purchase as prints in our online shop. Our diverse gallery allows parents to browse through the images and select those that capture the essence of their child’s journey at St. Augustine’s.



Our journey of capturing cherished moments extended to St. Augustine’s this year, where we had the honor of celebrating the year 6 leavers in Darlington. Witnessing the joy and camaraderie of these students was truly heartwarming. From the fun photo session to the personalised “Leavers Books” and touching slideshow, our mission remains to immortalise the essence of this vital time in their school lives. To all the year 6 leavers at St. Augustine’s, we extend our warmest wishes as you embark on your new adventures in secondary school. May the memories we’ve captured be a constant reminder of your growth, resilience, and the lifelong friendships you’ve made.

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