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Raby Castle – Statue

Raby Castle - Statue

Back to Raby Castle again today, this time to photograph a statue that is about to be moved to London for an exhibition. The photographs that we produced are to be used in brochures and marketing material for the exhibition. Close up detail photographs were required for various parts of the statue along with a [...]

Raby Castle – Painting

Raby Castle - Painting

Today we were asked to produce photographs of some of the paintings at Raby Castle for a new book about the artwork there. Here’s one that was a challenge to shoot as it involved being lifted on a crane as it was easier to raise the photographer to the height of the painting than it [...]

Raby Castle – Santa’s Grotto

Raby Castle - Santa's Grotto

We spent the day in Santa’s Grotto at Raby Castle today taking photographs for the Raby Castle website and next year’s marketing material. Here are a few from the shoot.

Raby Castle – Deer

Raby Castle - Deer

A cold but sunny day today photographing the deer at Raby Castle. Here are a few of the photographs we delivered.

Raby Castle – September 2013

Raby Castle - September 2013

Another visit to Raby Castle today. This time we got a few external shots of the castle (and deer) and spent time photographing the Chapel, the “Blue Bedroom” and the Servants Kitchen. Here are a few from today.

Raby Castle – Gardens

Raby Castle - Gardens

Up early this morning to shoot the gardens and many of the building exteriors at Raby Castle. This was a great day of shooting as we were given access to the gardens without any members of the public there in order for us to photograph everything uninterrupted. What’s more, Raby Castle provided a crane for [...]

Raby Castle – Octagon Room & Barons’ Hall

Raby Castle - Octagon Room & Barons' Hall

The Octagon Room This room is one of the highlights of being asked to photograph Raby Castle. It is an incredibly ornate room with unbelievable amounts of detail wherever we pointed a camera. Technically it is a very complicated room to capture (as can be seen by the photographs that Raby Castle had prior to [...]

Raby Castle – Barons’ Hall

Raby Castle - Barons' Hall

Here’s one of the many photos we produced today of The Barons’ Hall at Raby Castle. It’s a massive room, full of so many photo opportunities – it’ll take us a few days to photograph it thoroughly.  

Raby Castle – June 2013

Raby Castle - June 2013

A full day of shooting at Raby Castle today – inside and out. Here’s a very small sample of the photographs we produced.

Raby Castle – Orchid Show

Raby Castle - Orchid Show

As part of our ongoing project to photograph Raby Castle and its grounds, we were called to photograph their annual Orchid Show today. Here are just a few of the photographs that we produced.

Raby Castle – Kitchen

Raby Castle - Kitchen

Today was the first proper day of shooting at Raby Castle. We started with the kitchen which is a major attraction at the castle and is very popular with visitors. The staff at Raby Castle felt that the photographs they already had of the kitchen didn’t capture it well enough and they were looking for [...]

Raby Castle – Planning Shoot

Raby Castle - Planning Shoot

It was the start of a new long term project for us today. We spent the day exploring Raby Castle planning what we are to photograph in order to completely document, (both inside and out), the castle, the grounds and the artwork within the castle. This project is expected to last more than a year [...]