MAC International's Portable Pressure Washer - Unveiling Precision Engineering and Innovation

Unveiling Excellence

Embarking on a captivating journey through industrial innovation, our recent collaboration with MAC International led us to their latest masterpiece: a remarkable portable pressure washer. With a longstanding partnership spanning years, our photographic expertise met the challenge head-on, capturing every intricate detail and essence of power. Join us behind the scenes as we navigate the complexities of this project, unveiling a symphony of light, shadow, and post-processing magic. From maneuvering this heavyweight onto our studio backdrop to taming reflective surfaces within, every step of this endeavor showcased our dedication to excellence. As we present a captivating glimpse into MAC International’s world of innovation, stay tuned for an immersive visual experience that encapsulates the heart of their cutting-edge creations. Continue reading Unveiling Excellence

Shooting MAC International’s Industrial Pressure Washers: A Challenging but Rewarding Experience

As professional photographers, we are always up for a challenge, and our recent job for MAC International certainly presented one. We were tasked with photographing their latest line of industrial pressure washers, a job that came with its fair share of challenges. Not only are these machines massive and require lifting equipment to move around, but they also need to be shot on a white background. Furthermore, the highly reflective surfaces of the machinery meant that controlling reflections was crucial, and we had to rely on Photoshop to blend multiple images together to create a “perfect” photo. But despite these challenges, we relished the opportunity to work with MAC International once again and produce stunning product photography that showcases their innovative products in the best possible light. Continue reading Shooting MAC International’s Industrial Pressure Washers: A Challenging but Rewarding Experience