Richmond School / Swaledale Cheese – Studio Shoot

Today, pupils from Richmond School visited the studio for their first Commercial Photo shoot.

Swaledale Cheese had approached the school to offer art students the chance to shoot a variety of their products for use in their marketing material. Richmond School then asked us to show the pupils how we would go about this project and help them to complete it.

We spent the day exploring a variety of ideas, with the owners of Swaledale Cheese on hand to give their immediate input to the ideas we developed. We were able to offer assistance in the form of our experience  as commercial photographers and the use of our studio and all of our lighting equipment and expertise. This is something that students at this level do not usually have access to.

Once the students left, we completed the post processing of the photographs and delivered them to both the school and Swaledale Cheese in time for them to be incorporated into large banners to be displayed at upcoming exhibitions and shows.

Here are some of the finished photographs that we / the pupils produced.

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