Raby Castle – Octagon Room & Barons’ Hall

The Octagon Room

This room is one of the highlights of being asked to photograph Raby Castle. It is an incredibly ornate room with unbelievable amounts of detail wherever we pointed a camera. Technically it is a very complicated room to capture (as can be seen by the photographs that Raby Castle had prior to our visit). The furnishings in the room are so old and precious that the wooden shutters on the windows are to be kept shut at all times so as to protect everything from too much light. Many of the photographs that we produced had to be made in near total darkness.

Staff at Raby Castle were very surprised by some of the first photographs that we produced of this room as they said that they had never really seen the room properly in all the time that they had been working there. The colours and detail that we were able to deliver in the long exposures that we produced allowed them to see just how magnificent the room is, for the first time in many years.

A number of the photographs that we produced today are quickly being incorporated into the marketing material for Raby Castle and are also being sent to a number of magazines for immediate publication. Here’s a very small sample of some of the photographs that we delivered.

The Barons’ Hall

The rest of the day was spent photographing more of the detail in the Barons’ Hall. In previous visits we had captured “wide shots” of the room, but this time we concentrated on more of the features within the room.

Here’s a very small sample of some of the photographs we delivered.

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